Seattle / Austin Adventure Wedding And Elopement Photographers


Seattle photographers For the unbound and true

As we build our business and explore what we are drawn to, we keep coming back to the same thing -- unbound and true moments. We long to curate photos that prove authentic affection.  Photos that years from now aren’t simply a pose with a nice backdrop, 


but instead a moment in time where your heart is so full of love for your partner, that you didn’t think, you simply acted.We love things a little unpolished --  give us muddy dresses, dirty shoes, big laughs, awkward giggles and windswept hair -- we’re all about it.





We are Texas high-school sweethearts, relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We like to take things slow -- you can often find us snuggled up with our favorite drink in hand, watching The Office (for over the 40th time. Literally.). We love to have our friends over to play board games or to take our ‘85 Vanagon, who we affectionately call “The Unicorn” out to explore new places.

We are best friends first - so we are constantly joking around together.  Sarcasm is our jam, black is our dress code, Johnny Cash our mentor. We love Jesus, but sometimes struggle not to say words like, “shit.” We are introverts, so when we have human interactions, we highly value the sincerity of them.



Kind Words


I was in tears as I scrolled through our photos. They captured our love for each other in a way that we had never seen before. It was amazing! Landon and Loren are fun, creative, and beautiful artists. The way they see life through their camera lens is truly unique.

– Bre Hargrove

Landon and Loren couldn’t have been more professional, helpful, creative, talented, or caring. I never once had to worry about photography from the second we booked them on. They’ve mastered the little things so well that you’ll heart will skip a beat as you unexpectedly feel cared for. They really do every bit of it right.

– Pierce Love

Landon and Loren made us feel comfortable and gave us just enough direction to keep the photos looking natural. So many of our family members and friends commented on how it never felt like they were intruding or overwhelmingly present as photographers. But somehow they were able to capture every moment and every detail. After finding my husband, I didn't think I'd fall in love again but I am so in love with our wedding photos. Each and every photo is so beautifully crafted.

– Brittany Prigmore




Hopefully you found your way here because you resonate with what is most important to us-- human connection. If you’re interested in hearing about our availability for your date and discuss our process further, please send us an email! We love hearing about what you’re looking for and hoping for in your day and your photographer. Also, the more Office references you have, the more Dundees you are likely to receive.