Washington Coast Cape Flattery Anniversary Session / / Gordon + Elise


Since we live in Seattle, away from all our family and friends we grew up with, it’s so special to be surrounded with people who are constantly loving and encouraging us.

Gordon and Elise are definitely a couple of those friends for us. We call each other when we are fighting with our spouses and need the sympathetic yet "hey, maybe you're being a little crazy." chat to help cool things off.

What a beautiful thing it is in marriage when you find a couple in which the husbands like each other as much as the wives do. We've come to learn that Gordon and Landon are essentially the same person and Elise and I are essentially the same person (can I get a whoop whoop for some P.S.L. love?!!) so it's amazing fun to hangout, chat about our marriages and hear how we interact with the world.


So, of course, Landon and I were really excited to not only shoot their anniversary session, but to take them to Cape Flattery.  The coast is mind blowing. Imagine this: you are walking along the trail in the forest and don't really see what's around until you make this final turn and climb up the platform and are just hit with all the cliffs and vastness of the ocean. If you haven't been I would definitely recommend it.


Close up of light on leaf.
Pacific Northwest couple holding hands at engagement session and walking through forest.
Pacific Northwest forest engagement session.
Washington state rocky coast at Cape flattery.
Couple holding each other on rocky Washington coast.
Couple sitting on ocean cliff rock at sunset.
Couple wrapping arms around each other on ocean cliff at sunset.
Arms intertwined around each other and wedding rings together.
Husband and wife looking at each other and laughing while hugging.
Wife sitting between husbands legs and holding each other on rocky Washington coast. Couple at Cape Flattery sitting on rock together at sunset.
Couple laughing together as they hold each other on rock at Cape Flattery- Washington coast.
Wife laughing in husbands arms and snuggling in his shoulder on Washington coast.
Husband holding his wife as she laughs and snuggles into his shoulder.
Couple sitting and watching the sunset at washington cliff coast.
Couple holding hands and walking across rocks at ocean rocky coast.
Ocean cliff at sunset with moon out.
Husband pulling in wife for a kiss at ocean.
Couple snuggled at the ocean.
Couple looking at each other lovingly.
Couple bringing faces together.
Woman being kissed by husband on her forehead.
Arms wrapped around each other.
Couple holding face at the ocean.

Her dress-Puella
Her shoes- UNISA
His shirt- Uniqlo
His pants-Levi's
His shoes- Clarks