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The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Park Engagement Session // Spencer + Anna

Every year we get together with 3 other couples for a camping trip. It’s the same group of guys (well some of them at least) that helped us move into our very first (tiny and way too expensive) apartment here in Seattle. 

During one particular camping trip, we went for a walk and found an amazing river. Anna and I, the adventurers that we are, started to hop rock to rock trying to get as far as we could into the river. We had to grab each other for balance, and we nearly fell in one time -- or, a lot of times. 

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North Cascades National Park Engagement

Landon and I have always dreamt of living or owning a camper van for as long as I can remember. The freedom to explore with the ease of a van has always appealed to us. So, when we were given the chance to shoot Caleb and Ariana in their van, we were filled with dreamy heads and excitement. The session was filled with Landon and I not only swooning over their stories, but also their van, “Nana.”

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Monahans Sandhills State Park Engagement / / Garrett + Haylee

Haylee, Landon’s sister has always been such a great supporter of ours. She is always filled with so much encouragement and excitement over our photos and progress and I just love sharing all things business with her. So we were really excited to have a session with them at the Monahans Sandhills State Park.

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Yosemite National Park Engagement / / Erik + Elise

When Landon and I decided to take The Unicorn (our '85 Vangaon) on her first, and currently last, big road trip to Yosemite, we wanted to make sure we photographed a couple among all the beautiful backdrops.

We luckily were connected with Erik and Elise and were able to make that happen. They graciously drove over 4 hours and arrived at the crack of dawn for their sunrise session.

Now, I am not a morning person and Landon had to basically remind me 30 times in my groggy state of mind that we had a couple who would be sorely disappointed if I couldn't get my lazy butt out of the van. In fact, I think he threatened driving to the meadow from the campground with me still in the bed at one point.

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Washington Coast Cape Flattery Anniversary Session / / Gordon + Elise

Since we live in Seattle, away from all our family and friends we grew up with, it’s so special to be surrounded with people who are constantly loving and encouraging us.

Gordon and Elise are definitely a couple of those friends for us. We call each other when we are fighting with our spouses and need the sympathetic yet "hey, maybe you're being a little crazy." chat to help cool things off.

What a beautiful thing it is in marriage when you find a couple in which the husbands like each other as much as the wives do.

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