We are Texas high-school sweethearts relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We like to take things a bit slow and you can often find us snuggled watching The Office, having our friends over for board games, or taking our '85 Vanagon, "The Unicorn", out to explore new places. We are best friends first, so there's bound to be a lot of joking with us.


I'm Landon. I love playing music with friends, sci-fi movies, and hoarding anything with LEDs in it (I have no idea why). I could eat only bacon cheeseburgers until the day I die (probably shortly after that decision) and be perfectly content. I record short, meaningless videos to watch back later just to remember the tiny moments and could spend all day just sitting in the apartment if I didn't have my little helper pushing me to go explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her. I've been with this gal for close to 9 years now, and couldn't have picked a more fun, ridiculous, and caring best friend to explore this big planet with.


I'm Loren, a sarcastic, sensitive paradox of a person. I live in a world where both Anne of Green Gables and The Walking Dead are absolute musts and crying about lovely things, although done often, is frowned upon. I think you can blame my three brothers for that. Haha. I love reading, but usually after a long day end up watching tv, let's be real. I'm slightly crazy and convinced I need to hoard books in case Fahrenheit 451 ever takes fruition and could eat pizza, coffee, and chocolate chip cookies for possibly every meal. I love nature, but am terribly out of shape so that usually takes the form of just sitting on my deck.

Additional photos by Salt to Clay Photography